Beatriz Mora

Founder and teacher of BM SPANISH

beatriz mora spanish online teacher

I´m Beatriz Mora spanish online teacher and I was born in Toledo, which is a small town near Madrid (Spain). I am passionate about design, experiencing new cultures and teaching my native language. I received a degree in industrial design from the University of Madrid, Spain, and I also hold a Master´s in this area. Having the opportunity to live in various parts of the world and meet many new people ignited my passion to teach my native language and culture to others. Now, I have more than six years of experience teaching in different countries such as England, Portugal, Brazil and the United States. In addition, I received the ELE certification as a Spanish teacher for foreign people. “Formación de profesores ELE, Nivel Experto”. Quorum, Centro Acreditado por el Instituto Cervantes. Speaking three languages has also allowed me to understand the challenges that students face. Because of this I have created unique explanations to help students understand. My program is completely customized to the student’s needs. Some would rather focus on learning the language by simulating real-life situations, while others would rather study grammar and understand each idiomatic structure. I respect each student’s wishes and respond by providing them with the tools that best satisfy their requirements. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your Spanish learning experience!

Rafael Muriel

Co-Founder and teacher of BM SPANISH


My name is Rafael and I was born in Úbeda, which is a gorgeous and historical small town in Andalusia, in the south of Spain, famous for its olive oil and pottery.

I love to teach the Spanish language and culture to people from all over the world, and also to teachers from within and outside of Spain. I am an enthusiastic and emphatic teacher with excellent communication skills – as is demonstrated through my 16 years of teaching experience, most of them in Granada, Spain. I enjoy sports, especially running and playing football. I also love reading crime novels and am passionate about writing too. In fact, one of my best achievements is that I have a published short story!

Over the years I have been very lucky to meet new people and understand other cultures. With the teachers and students I’ve met through my work, we have always shared knowledge and learned a lot from each other, bringing together perspectives from all over the world.

For my own higher education, I completed a degree in English Philology (English Language, Literature, Culture and History), and later had the opportunity to live and teach Spanish at Clayesmore School, a prestigious independent school in Dorset, U.K.

If you are interested in learning with me, all lessons will be arranged and customized according to your needs and level. After many years of experience, I provide several resources and techniques to put Spanish grammar into practice in a natural and simple way (Grammar classes, conversations, real-life situations).

I am sure you will enjoy my lessons! So I look forward to inspiring you to continue to study Spanish.

“Our goal is to enable you to feel relaxed and confident when you communicate in Spanish during and outside the class. Preparing you for all occasions.”

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Customized courses and material


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