“Taking Skype lessons with Beatriz has really helped me maintain my Spanish, now that I’m back living in an English-speaking country. (I used to live in Madrid.)
I really look forward to seeing her online. Beatriz is so engaging and we have so much to talk about that the time just flies by! Her grammar and vocabulary explanations are relevant to real life and easy to understand, and she chooses content that is really interesting… articles, videos and songs that I would never find on my own.
I always come away from each lesson feeling more confident about my Spanish. Gracias Beatriz, me has ayudado un montón!  Te lo agradezco mucho.”


English teacher, From USA

“I first began learning Spanish with Beatriz to complement my undergrad Spanish classes and found in months that her method accelerated my fluency better than years at university. She lets her students guide the curriculum, which has allowed me to learn the language as it specifically relates to my work in the criminal justice system; something that has hugely benefited my career. The best part of learning with Beatriz was also my recent opportunity to travel to Spain for “Experience Granada”, a program she organized where my husband and I were fully immersed in the language and culture, allowing us to meet new people and see a side of Spain we wouldn’t normally be able to experience. I highly recommend Beatriz for anyone looking to take their Spanish to the next level!”


Social worker, From Canada

“I had the luck of finding Beatriz while I was preparing to take the C1 exam. A polished teacher with senstitivity to the needs of Spanish learners, Beatriz not only helped me improve my content knowledge of Spanish, but further, helped me to develop sound strategies for speaking with facility and confidence. I not only passed the C1 exam due to her help and attentive ear, but had a lot of fun doing it!”


English teacher, Working in Spain, From USA

“As two native English speakers, we´ve been having Spanish lessons with Beatriz for a few months and as a result, have made vast improvements in our ability to not only speak, but also listen to, read and write in Spanish.  Beatriz is a very patient and encouraging teacher who ensures that whilst the lessons are productive, they are also varied and fun.  Furthermore, Beatriz ensures that we cover topics that are particularly relevant to our needs – e.g. in work and personal situations e.g. needing to make a reservation over the telephone. Although we still have a lot more to learn, Beatriz´s positive attitude ensures that our confidence has grown so that we don´t feel self-conscious when making mistakes and are keen to speak. We would highly recommend Beatriz to anyone wanting to learn Spanish – from beginners to those studying for formal qualifications. Worth every penny!”

Tonya & James

Marketing specialist & Analytic, From England

“I have been taking classes with Beatriz for over two years now. I remember when I started with her, I had been studying on my own but progress was slow. When it came to expressing myself in the past, I had a lot of trouble. Now, I watch telenovelas, random videos on YouTube, and many other forms of media in Spanish. Not only do I understand what is being said but I can even tell by the accent which country the speaker might be from. My knowledge of more advanced structures has increased exponentially. When I take a trip to a Spanish speaking country, I have no fear whatsoever asking people for directions, asking the butcher which cut of meat is the best for a recipe, asking the fishmonger which fish he or she prefers, or even just joking around with my bartender.”


English teacher, Working in Colombia from USA

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“We were introduced to Beatriz by a friend who told us “she’s the best Spanish teacher I’ve ever had“, and after our trial classes, we cancelled our lessons with our previous teacher, and we’ve been with Beatriz ever since! She’s professional, fun, differentiates to accomodate our learning needs and wants, and is interesting to talk with. We would recommend Beatriz to any friend or family member who wants to learn Spanish. Thank you for all your time and work, Beatriz.  You are fantastic!”

Russell and Jessica

English teachers, Working in Dominican Republic, From Canada

“I started learning with Beatriz 9 month ago and had some very basic beginners Spanish  and no confidence in speaking at all.  Beatriz is a very patient teacher who always makes the lessons interesting and fun.  She’s really boosted my confidence and I am delighted with the progress I have made, recently being graded as level B1 – B2 by the Cervantes Institute – I could not have done this without Beatriz!  I’ve tried quite a few different internet teachers, Beatriz is by far the best of them. ”


Nurse, From england

“I found Beatriz just less than a month before I was to take the C1 DELE exams. I was lucky in this regard. Although I already had a pretty good grasp of the language, I still needed proper preparation for the exam. In particular, I found the prospect of going through the oral exams and speaking about a complex theme before a tribunal quite daunting. With Beatriz’s help, I was able to surpass this part even better than I thought I would be able to and I learned so much more about the language during the process.

One of the best things about Beatriz is that she knew right away what approach to use. From the start, our sessions were productive and helped me make great strides in both my preparation and learning. She responded quickly, gave regular feedback, all the while taking into account my individual pace in accomplishing and integrating new material.
I ultimately passed my DELE C1! Looking forward to taking more classes with Beatriz. Gracias!”


Spanish teacher, Fron Philippines


The trial class allow me to know your level and expectations to prepare tailored lessons for you.